About Us

Our aim at Children’s House of Early Learning is to ensure our centre promotes confidence, respect within a nurturing environment that allows children to explore freely and have fun!

We focus on developing trusting relationships while building on children’s strengths, knowledge and interests to promote a love of learning. We aim to support children to:

  • See themselves as valued, unique and powerful
  • See themselves as vital contributors to the community
  • Feel a sense of belonging, wellbeing and a strong sense of identity
  • Learn respect, responsibility, compassion and empathy
  • Learn a love of their environment and ways to better protect it

All educators work closely together to ensure decision making is supported, enhancing team building and learning opportunities. We acknowledge that learning is life-long and we are committed to ongoing professional development. We understand the importance of reflective practice to make inform decisions and lead to more detailed understandings of our work with children.

Our team at Children’s House recognises the importance of communication and collaboration between families and educators to form positive relationships and strong partnerships. We support parents in their role and share any information relevant to their child’s development and growth. We encourage parents to be active participators in the life of the centre through sharing cultures, ideas, knowledge, skills, strengths and differences. Changes to our practices, environments and programs are made to reflect the voices of the children, families, educators and community around us.

Together we aim to create an environment both indoors and outdoors that is natural, inviting inclusive and rich in possibilities; one that reflects our local and wider communities, educators and families. Educators set up experiences using a variety of media to empower children with the tools to make choices, promote peer relationships and to provoke thought, imagination and play.

Our children share a love for the environments and tell us of the importance of “looking after their pets and gardens and making things with their friends”.