In the Engineers we are all individuals with different strengths and different abilities.

We are all learning together and through play-based learning, children learn and develop from connecting with others in the room and in the playground.

 I believe our greatest strength is the bonds that we build with the children and their families, creating an environment where the children feel welcomed and want to be in our care. By getting to know each child individually we are able to connect home and childcare together, which is a great platform to building a trust based relationship. Each of the educators in the room bring a different dynamic, which I believe results in a great teaching approaches that accommodates all children.

In the Pre-Kinder Room we enjoy a lot of outdoor play, getting in touch with the environment and natural materials. Inside the room we also like to incorporate natural materials into our play setups as often as possible. By connecting with and observing children, we can discover their interests and then incorporate them into the room setups to support their learning journeys. 

We really encourage children with building friendships with peers and supporting them in gaining valuable social skills. We create learning environments that allow children to communicate and collaborate with one another. We educate and demonstrate socially acceptable behavior’s which plays a huge role in each child’s ability to interact and build friendships with others.  

At this age it’s all about having fun and learning valuable skills whilst doing it. Creating a curriculum that’s fun, that’s educational and that supports each and every child. Setting achievable goals and supporting children in reaching those goals. Taking small steps, or big ones, either way we are always moving forward in our development.

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