Commitment to Sustainability

Our Centre places a strong emphasis on sustainability, guided by our dedicated Sustainability Officer who ensures that we instil in our children the values of caring for their environment and understanding the importance of reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Together, we are committed to creating an environment both indoors and outdoors that is natural, inviting, inclusive, and rich in possibilities. Our educators set up experiences using a variety of media to empower children with the tools to make choices, promote peer relationships, and provoke thought, imagination, and play.

Our children share a love for the environment and express the importance of looking after their pets, gardens, and creating things with their friends. We believe in educating children to have a love for the environment and learn better ways of protecting it. Our aim is to encourage children, families, and educators to work together towards creating a sustainable future.

Embedded within our educational curriculum are opportunities to explore recycling, composting, gardening programs, and other sustainable practices. We believe that incorporating sustainability practices into our Early Childhood Centre is essential, as it aligns with our values and curriculum and helps educate the next generation on the importance of environmental stewardship.

Treena and Ebony, our dedicated Sustainability Officers, introduce and promote sustainability projects and initiatives to support children, educators, and families in becoming more environmentally responsible. Our Centre implements various sustainable practices, including recycling centres, composting, and involving families in sustainable initiatives such as recycling and energy-saving measures.

Furthermore, our Centre is home to native Australian Spiny Leaf insects, which children actively participate in caring for during Bush Kinder activities. We have a no-kill and pesticide-free policy, encouraging children to treat all creatures with kindness and understand their importance in our ecosystem.

Our educators' model sustainable practices by embedding sustainability into all aspects of our daily operations, including recycling materials for curriculum activities, minimizing waste, and incorporating environmentally friendly pest management.

We promote a holistic, open-ended curriculum that explores ideas and practices for environmental sustainability. Children are connected to nature through various activities such as nature walks, gardening, and cooking food from our own vegetable/herb garden. We also collaborate with experts in environmental issues and celebrate environmental awareness events to further engage children in sustainable practices.

At our Centre, sustainability is not just a practice but a way of life. We are committed to nurturing environmentally conscious individuals who will contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet.