In the Discoverers room at Children’s House of Early Learning, we are all about learning in a fun way.

Our children are free to indulge in their choice of activity whenever they please. Our educational program play spaces include: home corner, construction, block play and our dress ups. As educators there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the children construct and play together nicely as a group. We adore watching our group of children socialise and invent their own play with each other. 

We believe that as educators, we help provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment for the toddlers to feel comfortable and relaxed within. We do this by giving love and constant interaction to all of our children.

Our educator’s philosophies incorporate love, nurture and care. We give plenty of affection to the children in the toddler room. We believe this is an important foundation in building genuine relationships and for children to thrive.

We acknowledge the importance of outdoor play by providing endless stimulation for our toddlers. Depending on what mother nature throws at us, we like to spend majority of our time playing outdoors - soaking up the fresh air with the little ones. We open up the door from the inside to the outside environment and provide the toddler children with the opportunity to venture in and out at their leisure.

 Our room leader provides an educational program that focuses on: encouraging independence, language development and self-help skills. As educators, we all work together collaboratively in order to better stimulate and entertain the children in our room. The three of us are always working as a team. We plan our activities based on common child interests, observations and also parent feedback. Parent feedback is a big part of our curriculum and take pride incorporating parent suggestions into our program. We have an open door attitude..... Our ears are always open to new recommendations or ideas to help better stimulate your children!

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