About Our Centre

Orientation and transition process

We pride ourselves on our orientation and transitions program with Mt Evelyn Primary school. Through this program we attend transition days, music/gym sessions and reading with the preps. This actively ensures a smooth transition as the children become familiar with educators and peers.

We also developed transition statements for the children in Term 4 who are going onto school the following year. These are then passed onto the school via the parents with their written consent; we also give the parents their own copy. We have a strong connection with the educators discussing the child’s progress at the end of the year. Some teachers come to visit, others prefer to discuss over the phone. It provides a smooth transition and creates a strong bond for the primary year. Kate will also visit the schools before and after your child attends to ensure she is best preparing them and that they have settled in.

Staff and resources

We have an abundance of resources and staff on hand to offer advice at any time in order to provide every individual child with the best quality of program.  We have an above educator ratio with the minimum ratio being 1:4 under 3 year olds and 1:11 for over 3 year olds. Our educators are committed to being up to date with the frameworks and all other aspects of Early Childhood education. We attend meetings and seminars on a regular basis, and are members of many different groups and forums dedicated to high quality practice.

In services and excursions

We offer many additional services to our children such as in-services and visits including, local elderly citizens, disability groups, local schools and other community services. We also use the library, shops, cafes and stations for learning experiences across the year. We often have scheduled visits from organisations including Reptile Encounters, Pet Safety, police, fire brigade, sustainability advisors and many others to create a more meaning program.

We base excursions on the children’s interests. We join outside of hours on weekend for a class movie and picnics with our close nit group.